I work in the area of Applied Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations. My research interests include Stability of Shock Profiles, Nonlinear Wave Propagation, three-phase flow in porous media, Riemann problems and Numerical methods for PDEs.


  • Contact:
  • luisfer@impa.br
  • luisfer99@gmail.com
  • luis.guerrero@ice.ufjf.br

Current position

  • Mathematical Researcher - FADEPE 2019 -


  • PostDoctoral  position Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora,  2018- 2019.
  • Ph.D. in Math. July 2018. IMPA, Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Adviser: Dan Marchesin.
  • Master of Sciences  Mathematics, April 2013. Universidad del Valle, Cali - Colombia. Adviser: Juan Carlos Muñoz Grajales.
  • Bachelor in Math, November 2008. Universidad del Valle, Cali - Colombia . Adviser: Juan Carlos Muñoz Grajales.